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Halloween Mask Gift Set of 2

Halloween Mask Set of 2:

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This listing is for a pair of masks, one with adjustable ear loops and one with soft narrow black elastic. The first color listed in the pull down menu will be the mask with the adjustable ear loops. 

They will come in a clear plastic container for gift presentation.
If you would you prefer less packaging, please check the "Plastic box not necessary" in the pulldown menu above. 

Masks are 2-ply with a nose wire and are machine washable. Our masks are made in Alaska with non-medical grade materials.

You can find coasters with the same fabrics here.

Type: 2-Ply Cotton Face Mask
Pattern: Spooky Swirls

Materials: Quilting Cotton and Lightweight Interfacing
Width: The width of the fabric adjusts the size of the mask.
           Feminine Prints are generally 7.0 - 7.5 inches wide.
           Neutral prints are generally 7.5 inches wide.
           Masculine prints are generally 7.5 - 8.0 inches wide
           Ear loops are the same size on all masks.
           Measurements are approximate.