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Autumn Table Runner


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This pieced runner is a modern take on the flying geese pattern which traditionally has the geese (the triangles) lined up directly behind each other. I have offset the triangles to get more of a fluid feel. The quilting is maple leaves and acorns and is quilted with variegated thread.

The geese (triangles) are quilting cottons with metallic specks and the binding also has metallic details. The border print is autumn flowers and gourds. 

The size is approximately 38" long by 15" wide. 

These runners can be used as dresser scarves, on the counter, the coffee table, or draped down side tables as well as a traditional table centerpiece.

Materials: Quilting Cottons & Metallics
Quilting Pattern: Maple Leaves Acorns
Thread: Variegated
Batting: Cotton or 80/20 cotton/poly
Construction Method: Pieced
Binding: Turned Edge
Size: Approx. 38" X 15"