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Quilt Labels

Quilt labels are a wonderful way to preserve the origins of a quilt. The labels might say things like the title of the quilt, who made the quilt, who the quilt was for, where it was made, or the year it was made. I print your message from my computer onto a complimentary fabric and then heat set the ink with an iron and hand baste the label edge(s) to the back of the quilt.  I offer two price ranges, basic ($5) and special ($10).

The basic label is a triangle sewn into the back lower corner of the quilt and covered on two edges with the binding and the top edge is hand tacked down. ($5)

The special label is either a label that is hand tacked on all sides, such as a heart or rectangle, or the basic label trimmed out somehow, such as adding a bit of trim to the top edge. ($10)